Acceptable Usage Policy (Work in progress)

Don't do anything nasty or illegal.

This means no pornography (legal or otherwise), no copyright infrigment (by any country involved laws), no spam, no bulk email, no threats or public attacks. No political web sites (without prior written permission from White Llama Networks).

Special note for anyone using PHP applications or scripts. Please ensure these scripts are written, installed and opperated in a secure manor. If your site happens to run vunerable code AND gets exploited, you will be liable for any and all excess traffic caused, any damage to the server and depending on severity you could be charged for cleanup at the rate of AUD $125/hour. Severity is at the discretion of White Llama Networks opinion.

Terms Of Service

We agree to provide services at a reasonable level of reliability. However we can't help if something beyond our control results in a loss of connectivity and will not be liable for loss of business, data or anything else related to unscheduled downtime of White Llama Networks.


White Llama Networks does maintain a regular offsite backup of all user data on all servers to ensure a fast recovery should a hardware failure (or other disaster) occur. Our servers utilise a RAID1 (mirror) set for all data to prevent the single failure of a disk destroying data. Despite this no guarantee is made that the data on the server will not be lost and it is up to the user to keep accurate and regular backups of their data. The control panel software provides the user with a means to do this.

Billing and Payment

Accounts are created manually prior to payment is confirmed. To cover any delays in payment processing you will receive several days additional hosting at no extra charge. However please be aware that any cancellations must be made prior to the due date on your invoice (minimum of 7 days from signup date) otherwise the amount in full will be due. Only under exceptional circumstances will prorata refunds be provided outside this period. Simply changing your mind is not a valid reason. The services we provide are clearly shown on the site, be sure to ask any additional questions before signing up.

Plan changes are handled by pro-rata variation to your account. Feel free to upgrade you're account at any time.

If you do not wish to renew you're account please email us to notifiy us of this cancellation. Failure to do so will result delays and overdue notices.

Account cancellation

Account cancellations must be made by email to support [at] whitellama [dot] net. You will receive a confirmation of this before the account is actually removed in case it was an error. Please make sure that you have copies of all of your data before sending an account cancellation.

Overdue accounts

If you fail to pay your account by the due date on the invoice you will receive 1 Overdue notice via email. If you do not action this within 7 days of the notice date (or contact us with a reason for the late payment) we will seek to recover the debt AND any costs related to it's recovery to the full extent of the law.

Termination of service

Any termination of account will only occur with a full investigation of any complaint or violation of these terms. During the investigation your site will be temporarily disabled. Should we find you were in breach of these terms your account will be deleted and you will be notified of this. No refunds will be offered as by violating these terms you have agreed to the termination of your account.

White Llama Networks reserves the right to change these polices at any time without notice.